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Gecko's sleeping bag
$2.00 This is the gecko sleeping bag. It really rolls up and comes with a string sown on to tie the rolled up sleeping bag. Great for traveling. Cozy and comfortable, with a built-in pillow, this sleeping bag will win your gecko's heart!

Jumbo, Medium, and Small Sizes
$1.00 each      Jumbo gecko is 5 1/2 inches. Medium is 3 1/2 inches. Small is 3 inches. Tiny (not shown) is smaller and cost's $1.10 each


Lucky cost's more!
If you want to buy a gecko in the size of Lucky(small) and  the same colors as lucky, it costs $0.05 more than $1.00.

This month's special:

This is Samantha's gecko's and the monthly special!


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