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Leapin' Lizards

Lucky's Story

So, you've read the homepage, you know about the employees, but what's the story of our maskot gecko? Well, here is a page all about.......

~Lucky today~

Lucky is Elise's gecko currently, but she is a joy to the other employees. Elise has taken good care of her, and she always gets brought to school, so she is a smart gecko. But, her trick to life is...
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~How Lucky got her name~

Elise was walking to school with her two friends, Elena and Eliza, when she saw something in the snow." What is that?" she wondered out loud. She picked it up, thinking it was beads from a broken keychain. But instead, she found a cute, little beaded lizard. She asked EVERYONE at school if they knew who the owner was. She then asked her friend, and soon to be boss, Kathryn. Kathryn answered no, but then said,"It sure was Lucky that you found that gecko!" Elise imeadiatly named her Lucky, and took her in. And just because of a little love, Lucky is famous!

Lucky, this page is dedicated to you!


Here is the one and only, LUCKY!


 ~ Lucky's travels ~
Lucky is so special, she comes with some of the employees on trips! But mostly Elise, since she is her care-taker . Here's a list of where Lucky's been, and with which employee:
          Maine                                       Kathryn
          New Hapshire                          Elise
          Chicago, IL                              Elise
          On a cruise to the following places ( Elise ):
           Belize, South America ( which was unbelizable! )
           On an air plane!
Lucky is so Lucky, isn't she?

This is Elise and her sister in Chicago's American Girl Place. Lucky's in Elise's pocket!

If you look closely in Elise's hand, you will see Lucky. This was on the recent trip to NH


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