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Welcome to the Leapin' Lizards homepage!
Please look at our catalog and everything else. Thanks, and have a wonderful 2004! Also, please be aware that on some of the pages, the navagation bar is on the bottom, on some it's on the top.

We've been in this business for 6 months and already we're extremely successful. Now, keep in mind that we're kids at the age of 10 and 11 and already, we're in the money!

  Leapin' Lizard is dedicated to Lucky, our mascot gecko. She's what started the whole bussiness.  I, Elise found her in the snow, fallen off some carelless person's backpack. We took her in. Then our boss, Kathryn, made the company in June. Elise joined in July, and Annie joined in late July. Then Brianna and Samantha joined about November. Now, with 5 imployees, we made this homepage.

I bet you're wondering, "What does Leapin' Lizards do?" Well, we make beaded gecko's and gecko's accesories. Beds, houses, the works! We want everyone, young and old, to see what kids can do. We rock!

Here we may display a picture of this month's special:

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